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About Us

"Excellence in Every Detail"

Who We Are

We are Jackson Woodworks, a bespoke cabinetmaking company with a passion for traditional style handcrafted furniture.

Jackson Woodworks is owned and run by Jamie Jackson, a dedicated cabinetmaker and one-man band. Our journey began when Jamie left school and started his career as a joinery apprentice, completing an NVQ Level 3 in Advanced Craft. During this period, Jamie worked for a joinery company for a little over 10 years, honing his skills on Grade 2 period properties around the Sheffield and South Yorkshire area. Initially specializing in kitchen and wardrobe installations using pre-manufactured units, the increasing demand for custom-sized and bespoke cabinetry inspired us to shift towards fully handmade traditional cabinetry


With over two decades of experience and more than a decade of running his own business, Jamie has established Jackson Woodworks as a trusted name in the industry. Situated in Yorkshire, we cater to the region's numerous period properties, offering solutions that maintain the charm of historic homes while meeting modern needs. Each piece is crafted with care and precision by Jamie himself, ensuring a personal touch and exceptional quality in every project.

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Our Craftsmanship

At Jackson Woodworks, our craftsmanship sets us apart. Our team of apprentice-trained joiners continuously hones their skills through courses in wood machining, painting, finishing, and traditional cabinetry design. This commitment to ongoing education ensures our furniture not only meets but exceeds expectations in quality and aesthetic appeal.

We pride ourselves on using premium materials such as solid timber, veneers, and high-quality boards to create truly bespoke, in-frame cabinetry. Unlike many others, we avoid melamine chipboard and vinyl-wrapped components, ensuring durability and authenticity in every piece. Our dedication to superior craftsmanship guarantees that each item we produce is not only beautiful but also built to last.


"At Jackson Woodworks, we envision a future where the timeless beauty and functionality of bespoke fitted furniture enhances every home.

As leaders in creating handcrafted, traditional designs, we harmonize historic charm with modern needs.

Our commitment to exceptional quality ensures that our pieces become cherished heirlooms, inspiring comfort, joy, and a sense of heritage for generations to come."


"Our mission is to design and create beautiful bespoke fitted furniture in traditional designs, enhancing the beauty and functionality of your home.

Every piece is meticulously handcrafted to the highest standards, ensuring durability, quality, and a timeless aesthetic.

We believe that thoughtfully crafted furniture can transform living spaces, providing comfort and joy for years to come."


Expert craftsmanship

With over two decades of experience and more than ten years running Jackson Woodworks, Jamie has honed his craft to perfection........Read more

Handmade excellence

Each piece of furniture is meticulously handcrafted in our workshop. Jamie’s hands-on approach ensures that every detail is executed with precision and care........Read more

personalised Service

Choosing Jackson Woodworks means choosing a personalized, hands-on approach led by Jamie Jackson, a dedicated and experienced cabinetmaker.....Read more

By choosing Jackson Woodworks, you are guaranteed a bespoke, high-quality result crafted with care and precision by a skilled professional who takes pride in every project.


Our Process


Our design process is personalized and hands-on.

Jamie Jackson, the owner and skilled cabinetmaker, will visit your home to discuss your project in detail.

During this visit, Jamie brings a range of samples and options to help you visualize the possibilities.

He will take precise measurements and understand your specific needs and preferences, ensuring every piece of furniture is tailored perfectly to your space and style.

Jamie’s expertise and personal touch guarantee that the final design will not only meet but exceed your expectations.

After the initial consultation, Jamie will create a 3D design to visualize your new storage space. Once approved, he will handcraft and personally oversee the installation of your bespoke furniture, ensuring exceptional quality and a perfect fit.



Jamie meticulously brings your design to life, completing as much work as possible in his workshop, including extensive paint finishing. This approach minimizes disruption, dust, and noise in your home, ensuring a smooth and clean installation process. Jamie’s hands-on craftsmanship and attention to detail ensure that each piece meets the highest standards of quality and aesthetics, seamlessly fitting into your home and fulfilling your vision



At Jackson Woodworks, the installation process is as meticulous as the design and manufacturing stages. Jamie ensures a respectful, punctual, and exceptionally tidy installation.

He takes great care to minimize any disruption to your home, leaving it spotless and ready for you to enjoy your new furniture immediately.

Jamie’s commitment doesn’t end with the installation; he provides ongoing support and is always available to assist with any further needs or concerns, ensuring your complete satisfaction with the final product.

Our Clients Say

Elegant, custom-built wardrobe with a hand-painted finish, featuring traditional shaker-style doors. The unit includes multiple drawers with dovetail joints, showcasing the natural wood interior. A built-in vanity with integrated lighting adds a touch of luxury and functionality, seamlessly blending with the wardrobe design
"The craftsmanship and professionalism of Jamie and his team are unmatched. Our new wardrobes and alcove units are perfect."

Mike Watkins - YORK, North Yorkshire 

Ready To Start Your Project ?

Refer a Friend

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Here at Jackson Woodworks, we appreciate it so much when we are recommended to someone new. It genuinely means the world to us. To show our appreciation, if you recommend us to someone you know who wants:

Traditional style cabinetry
Traditional wardrobes 
Alcove cabinetry

we will send you a regency hamper as a thank you once their project is completed! 

All you have to do is get the person you referred to mention the referral came from you on the quote visit (if they could quote your #job number it would be super helpful)

* any works must be completed to release the hamper

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